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About Us

We have come a long way since the British rule ended in India in 1947. Yet, we feel we have underachieved. The political thought was never in the right place to begin with, or could have been better.

To further discuss why we feel so, we would have to discuss the events that led to 1947. We would also have to discuss the subsequent morphing of the history by those in power. George Orwell rightly said, “those who control the past, control the present”.

Our mission is simple: to act against agents that infringe upon the liberty of individual, in writing or direct, in passive or active. Our mission is to uphold the liberty of the individual.

We wish to revive political debate that talks about the freedom of the common man in everyday life.

We also wish to discover along the way better ways to carry out our mission. In this we are not rigid, we are emergent and willing to act upon new discoveries. We are willing to change our stance as long as it is for the greater good of individual liberty.

We are, as a group of politically active people, still in its infancy and are yet to chart out a course we shall transverse. But we are certain that the current political landscape is wanting of a change, even though the masses are not wanting of it.